You are the CARING parent of a high school student and you're WORRIED that your teen won't get into the best college for him or her.

You understand the level of competition. You want your son or daughter's strengths to stand out among the thousands of other college applicants.

You KNOW the essay writing part of the applications can make a HUGE difference.

Wouldn’t you like to feel confident that your teen has the best chance of acceptance?

Imagine giving your teen the GIFT of a successful future.

No matter your son or daughter's level of writing, it IS possible for he or she to get into the college of their writing outstanding college admissions essays.

Kellie Rush, Parent of Myers Park High School senior

Daughter Virginia completed college essay course, completed Common App and all Supplements, looks forward to Wake Forest University!

"Amy does a great job of collaborating with Virginia on common application essay topics with the efficiency of video conferencing and timetables put into place. It is hard to know your role as a parent; I view Amy’s role as a partner to us through the daunting process of writing the most important essay of the college application process. "
Kellie Rush, Parent of Myers Park High School senior

“I loved working with someone who took time to get to know me as a person. Mrs. Haskell really helped my voice shine through in my essays so that the colleges go to see who I was apart from my transcript.”

Hilary G., New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL) graduate, and LOVES Boston College Hilary G., New Trier High School (Winnetka, IL) graduate, and LOVES Boston College

“We love Amy and Total Writing Enrichment. BOTH my boys got into their dream schools. Amy offers just the right combo of technology and personal teaching. We totally recommend her programs and tutoring! ”

Kelli Dumser, Charlotte Catholic High School Parent Kelli Dumser, Charlotte Catholic High School Parent

“The course took the stress out of it for me. I knew that by doing this course she would have a great product and that I didn’t have to manage the process. My daughter completed her Common App essay the summer before senior year started – smart and efficient process with the course! Peace of mind!”

Eddie Carter, Providence High School ParentEddie Carter, Providence High School Parent



    Your teen will complete the personal statement (common app) and supplemental essays with calm and a sense of organization, increase his/her chances of college acceptance, and improve writing skills - excellent college prep!


    You and your teen maintain quality relationships through this stressful time of applying to college - give your teen independence yet the highest quality structure, guidance, and support so that he/she feels empowered and secure.


    Turn overwhelm, distraction, and stress into confidence, clarity, and purpose towards writing and completing these important college admission essays.

Jim Haran

Chicago, IL, Parent of college student happily enjoying college life at U of Wisconsin, Whitewater

"I was really impressed with Amy’s knowledge of what the colleges were looking for in an applicant and the way my son liked the course. Whatever he learned through this course worked. I can’t thank her enough for all the hard work & patience she shared with Pat, through this course, during the application process."
Jim Haran

What To Expect

This is a blended learning program comprised of live sessions, video tutorials, individualized feedback, and homework SPECIFICALLY to assist your teen in writing their Personal Statement (Common App) Essay.
*Please note: Students will receive support on their Supplemental Essays (the essay questions from the individual colleges) through our CONTINUITY PROGRAM.

  • Receive INDIVIDUALIZED feedback - 1:1 attention on each student's essays

  • Turn frustration over how to write these essays into calm with step by step easy to use processes.

  • Move from struggle with writing blocks to flow with writing and completion.

  • Get ahead of the competition and feel the relief from finishing this summer or early fall!

  • Enhance your chance of college acceptance by writing college essays that sparkle and shine!

  • Gain college level writing skills (through the instruction and feedback) your teen will use for college and his/her career!

  • Enjoy learning, re-learning at the best pace for your teen.

  • Feel relieved from the feeling of security that results from your teen completing each user-friendly lesson.

My Passion Is Helping Your Teen Take Action with Their Thinking and Writing to Produce the Best College Admission Essays Possible.

"I love teaching students the process of writing outstanding college admission essays, (I miss teaching in the classroom everyday). Knowing they have the BEST chance of getting into the college of their choice, and hearing, year after year, of their multiple acceptances, drives me to continue to make a difference in the lives of these teens.

Writing is a process that requires taking action; and part of the process here, with college admission essays is self-discovery and identifying with their strengths - which, many times, remains challenging to know about yourself, let alone writing about - then, pile on the pressures with college acceptance and these essays!

Nothing gives me more joy in my work life than hearing my students delight in learning about themselves and cranking out the best writing of their lives. The pride, sense of accomplishment, and knowing they did the best of their own abilities remains incredibly rewarding to me. Ready to get going? I am!"

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My Passion Is Helping Your Teen Take Action with Their Thinking and Writing to Produce the Best College Admission Essays Possible.


  • To what extent will my teen receive writing feedback on his/her essay draft?

    Your son/daughter will receive an even higher level of help in this online program because the lessons are available to them 24/7. This way they can revisit lessons to digest the information at their pace.

    There are weekly live group support video calls where the participants interact with the team of writing experts, so there is lots of opportunity to ask questions and get the support they need to complete this program and write their college admissions essay.

  • I know my teen loves using technology, and this course sounds efficient, but given my experience, I think he/she should actually sit down with a tutor to write these essays.

    Yes, I understand your initial thoughts but I also know, through over 15 years of working with teenagers, that for this personal type of writing, they do not want a tutor sitting down and staring at them while they write, nor do they need to be hand held (off to college soon!) at this point in their cognitive development. Actually, we know that 17-18 year olds will actually produce the best, most personal, detail orientated writing with this effective combination of instruction and feedback.

    Believe me, I thrive when connecting and working with students - especially seniors in high school; however, the effective use of the video based tutorials, text lessons, examples, and personalized feedback remains ultra awesome in helping these students write amazing college essays.

  • How does the scheduling work?

    The live group calls are pre-scheduled and you'll find the weekly live call schedule for this program within the course once you enroll.

    Generally, live video calls take place Tuesday and Thursday evenings between 7:30pm-8:30pm EST.

    Just as if your teen participated in a group tutoring session, your teen will be able to participate in the live sessions twice a week until the program is complete (four weeks).

    He/she can join calls, and access the program lessons, from a desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.

  • How involved do I have to be as the parent?

    You can be as involved as you'd like to be but, rest assured, your teen is in good hands with Amy and her team as your teen will receive the highest quality writing teaching and learning. Our team of writing experts are kind, intelligent, and have a passion for helping kids get into college!

  • Do you guarantee that my son/daughter will complete their essay using your program?

    We cannot guarantee that your son/daughter will complete the essay. The program will guide your teen through the process, provide real-time feedback, and help them through with live support. Ultimately, it is up to your son/daughter to write the essay in the four week time period of the course. We are not responsible for proof reading or any final edits but are excited to guide your teen through this process!

  • What if I still have questions?

    If you still have questions you can contact Amy at

  • Where can I learn more about the founder, Amy Haskell or her team of writing experts?

    Click on "Meet AMY and our Team" at the top of this page, check out our website at, and Like our Facebook Total Writing Enrichment (you'll get a lot of free college success tips too!).